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If you are considering studying at our college, we welcome any and all questions you may have.
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The library building was completed in March 1972.
On the first floor, there are the director room, the dispensary, the audio-visual classroom, the storage room, and the office of Student Affairs Division.
On the second floor, the reading room, the learning room, the periodicals reading room, the storage room, and the office of Library and Information Section are arranged. There is also Student Counseling Room.

●Student Counseling Room
The Student Counseling Room Staff is available to discuss any personal or emotional difficulties in school life. There are three qualified counselors and eight committee members, and all students and parents are eligible for services at the Student Counseling Room. Our goal is to help students enjoy their school life and achieve as much success as possible while at Anan Kosen.

●Student Council
The purpose of the Student Council is to lead a meaningful and comfortable college life under the guidance of instructors by conducting the followings:to develop personality by the voluntary activities among the students.to cultivate mutual friendship among the students.to develop democratic spirit.to develop democratic spirit.to cultivate rich cultural experiences. For this purpose the college made various rules for the Student Council.

●International Exchange Office
The International Exchange Office opened this April (2009)- a brand new office. This mission of this office is to make the Anan National College of Technology (ANCT) a global campus and to foster international-minded students who can work together effectively with different people from various cultural backgrounds. To achieve this mission, we will do the following things.

1. International Academic Exchange Program
Promote International Academic Exchange Programs between our college and other partner universities.
a. Conduct student exchanges between ANCT, University of Applied Science of Osnabrueck, and University of Applied Science of Wolfunbuttele. Students will have chance to do research at the partner colleges and universities. Faculty will also conduct research with faculty of the partner colleges and universities.
b. Conduct student exchanges between ANCT, Thammsat University and Chulalongkorn University. Students will have chance to do research at the partner colleges and universities. Faculty will also conduct research with faculty of the partner colleges and universities.
2. International Industrial Program
a. Students will have the chance to gain work experience at Komatsu Hanomag and C&S group GmbH in Germany as well as at Japanese companies in Thailand and India.
b. German and Thai students will also have the chance to acquire work experience at Japanese companies such as NICHIA, SANYO, SHIKOKU KAKOUKI CO., LTD, and AWA PAPER MFG, CO., LTD. and so on.
3. Sonoma Program
Students will have the chance to study English and learn about American culture at Sonoma State University, CA.
4. Asian Kosen Project
Starting with Korea, graduates from prestigious industrial high schools will have the chance to study at ANCT. When they return home, they will be well-trained high level engineers.
The Anan National College of Technology (ANCT) and Sonoma State University (SSU) established an agreement in 2005. This agreement provides an opportunity for mutual understanding between the schools. It also paved the way for ANCT students to study English at SSU. ANCT students receive academic credits for their studies at SSU.
In 2007 ANCT established a relationship with the University of Applied Science of Osnabrueck, Germany. We are currently developing exchange programs that will benefit students and faculty at both institutions.

●Employment Support Center
The Employment Support Center, established in November, 2006, was developed into the Career Support Center in 2008. Now it provides various supports for students who want to proceed to higher education as well as those who intend to get employed immediately after graduation.

The Section of Career Education helps students design their career along the lines of “Anan National College of Technology Career Education Program (ACE).” In the 1st to the 3rd years, students are given step-by-step career guidance and obtain job images. In the 4th and 5th years, they go on to participate in the internship program and job search. Among the staff have been extraordinary professors with business experience as a personnel officer, who give students a variety of assistance including job counseling and mock interviews. In addition, the center organizes many special events supporting the job-hunting of students, among which are job fairs (ACE Seminars).

The Section of Coop Education, established in 2007, has initiated the Coop Education Project for Elite Engineers. As early as in the 3rd year, the on-the-job training in the project starts to help students realize how the knowledge they acquire through lectures and laboratory practice in the 1st and the 2nd years is applied to the production activities of companies. On top of this, the students continue to accumulate academic knowledge and on-the-job experience until graduation. The contents of the practical training are deepened year by year, until the project produces engineers with not only basic career competence but also designing and problem-solving abilities. In March, 2008, 30 3rd-year students started to have long-term on-the-job training in private corporations both in and outside Tokushima Prefecture. The coop education this center provides is one of the strategies of career education integrating school curriculum and on-the-job practice, both of which are intended for students to deepen their understanding of the mechanism and culture of corporations and to develop their career views.