Japanese/English NIT, Anan College

Message from the President

Mr.Terazawa The Anan National College of Technology (ACT) was founded in 1963 with the aim of educating students to be highly creative as well as practical engineers. ACT provides young people with the continuous and intentional 5-year curriculum in both technical and general coursework. We have turned out more than 5.000 graduates, who are playing active roles in their various fields of study in workplaces such as private enterprises or government and local municipal offices. In 1996, ACT established a two-year advanced course. Students of ACT have three possible courses to choose after completing their 5-year’s study:
A. Enter the work force in the field which they have studied,
B. Enroll in the advanced course at ACT,
C. Transfer to another university to continue their studies.
Among the graduates in fiscal 2002, about 55% of them successfully entered the work force, while about 45% of them went on to further their studies either with us in our advanced course or at other universities.
ACT not only specializes in knowledge and technology but also puts an emphasis on humanities and human relations. It is essential for students to acquire a broad education in a variety of subjects to become responsible ethical engineers contributing to the good of society. The faculty members support homeroom activities, sports and culture clubs as well as dormitory life to ensure that students have a rich and rewarding experience.
ACT sees it as a social mission to mentor young engineers that will be able to work in an ever-changing global society. ACT intends to work for the good of the local community as well. In January 2003, ACT came to an agreement in partnership with the local government in Anan City. This was a first ever step taken by a College of Technology in Japan to work so closely with the local community. The agreement was such that the ACT faculty members take an active role in the public concern of Anan City. In return, ACT seeks fuller cooperation with the businesses and industries of Anan City. In April 2003, the Creative Technology Center was completed at ACT. The Center aggressively plays the role of a local stronghold between ACT and neighboring firms in the industrial community through collaborative study and research. ACT is proud of being the only institution of higher education in the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture. I’d like to conclude by expressing to the community my deepest gratitude for supporting ACT.