Japanese/English NIT, Anan College

College Motto, Educational Goals

College Motto
Students will become productive, and proudly assume responsibility, and contribute to society as well.
1. Students will develop love of truth and deepen well-balanced scientific knowledge.
2. Students will respect rules, concentrate on learning and uphold strict code of manners.
3. Students will become accustomed to hard work, strengthen their bodies, and forge their determination.

Educational Goals
(A)Our students are expected to acquire a degree as an internationally-minded engineer.  We foster young engineers who have a responsibility to both our society and the natural environment as a whole.
① The Ideal Engineer should: Have strong core knowledge in his/her field and the ability to apply his/her skills in a creative, practical manner.
② Be able to see the Culture and Society of Japan and other Countries from multiple points of view and understand their proper relationship.
③ Be able to explain issues involved in developing technology and consider the effect or the natural environment. 

(B)Our students are expected to identify and resolve problems of our society [society].  We foster engineers who can solve issues by making good use of mathematics, natural science and information technology.
① Encounter issues society faces through internships and Engineering Seminars.
② Solve problems with practical application of Differential and Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differentia.
③ Consistently solve problems by applying Knowledge of physics and chemistry such as electromagnetic. Thermodynamics, etc.
④ Consistently solve problems by applying knowledge of information technology.
(C)We bring up our students to be engineers who can not only write and argue logically in Japanese, but can communicate in English in their field of expertise. Our job is to provide engineers with the tools to communicate openly in multiple situations.
① Students will compose scientific technological papers in Japanese.
② Students will present their research or what they have learned to an audience in Japanese. Students will also debate their findings in a logical manner.
③ Students will learn to use English to conduct basic communication and make a presentation based or their major.

(D)We foster engineers, who attach high values to inventing and creating machines, buildings, robots, structures e.t.c. They are expected to use their imagination and creative thinking in terms of designing technology.
① Students will continue their studies independently in the fundamental fields of Engineering:i.e.System Design, Information Theory, Bio-materials, Dynamics, etc.
② Students will deepen their knowledge through (hands-on) experience in solving Technical Engineering problems in their field of study.
③ Students will be able to explain engineering problems inn that bridge Multiple fields of engineering.
④ Students will consider issues such as Safety and the environment in developing technology.

(E)Our students are expected to acquire expertise and technical skills.  We foster engineers who can promote the development of technology.
① When given an assignment, students will be able to design blueprints in a competent manner.
② When given an assignment, students will be able to make a product according to plan.
③ Under various conditions students will accumulate technological and creative ideas and incorporate them in original research papers.