Japanese/English NIT, Anan College

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  We casually make use of electrical appliances, electronic devices, cash dispensers, the Internet, and so on. These systems are indispensable for our daily life. To conserve electricity also is important problem for environmental safeguards.
  In this course the educational main goal is to develop practical, electrical and electronic engineers who are highly creative as well. Of course, the graduates should also be effective on the international stage. In order to achieve these goals we set the core subjects, which are theory of electric analog/digital circuit, electromagnetism, and literacy of information technology etc., as required credits. We also arrange many subjects of actual experiments, designing electronic circuits and seminars into the curriculum.
  Many companies in Japan need specialists for a reliable supply of electric power, maintenance of electric machinery, and wireless communication systems. To meet demands from corporations we have introduced two specific courses: one is electric energy engineering, and the other is electronics, information and communication engineering. Students select their course to develop skills in the area they choose.